Avaliando a Justiça na Marcação de Trafegos Agregados

Igor Briglio Habib de Almeida AlvesJose F. de RezendeLuis Felipe M. de Moraes

This article analyses the behavior and evaluate the performance of an implementation of a fair traffic marker proposed in [1]. In this implementation, this marker makes use of the FRED (Flow Random Early Drop) fair buffer allocation algorithm. It exploits the duality between buffer allocation and token consumption in a token bucket marker in order to enforce fairness among different flows originated from the same subscriber network in a Differentiated Services domam, The results obtained show that fairness among flows from different traffic sources can be achieved by using this marker if FRED parameters are set correctly. Well-defined guidelines are established to help configure these parameters. Finally, it is shown that the fair marker cannot provide fairness in allocation of excess bandwidth.

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