Experiências com Comunicação de Grupo nas Especificações Fault Tolerant CORBA

Lau Cheuk LungJoni da Silva FragaJean-Marie FarinesJorge R. Souza de Oliveira

This paper presents performance analyses of approaches to support group communication in CORBA. In the literature, three approaches are identifted: integration, service and interception. Each of these approaches has characteristics that aim to explore performance, transparency, open standard accordance and easy use aspects. In the integration approach, the ORB core is changed to allow the execution of group processing mechanisms. In the service approach, these mechanisms are made available as a CORBA service. Finally, in the interception approach, the group processing is activated transparently by interceptor mechanisms. The comparative study presented in this paper, besides discussions over existent group support environments over CORBA ORBs, presents implementations developed and performance analyses over them.

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