MJaco - Integração do Multicast IP na Arquitetura CORBA

Alysson Neves BessaniJoni da Silva FragaLau Cheuk Lung

This paper presents our experiences for integrating OMG MIOP (Multicast Inter-ORB Protocol) specifications into an ORB. We proposed a model of integration which allows the coexistence of two different protocol stacks (IIOP/TCP/IP and MIOP/UDP/IP multicast), making possible a wider spectrum of middleware support for distributed objects communication. That integration model is discussed in this paper, giving evidence of the accordance of our approach with the CORBA specifications. In order to evaluate that integration, differents tests were made considering the interoperability, performance and scalability aspects. The obtained results show that there is not a significant loss of performance with that integration model, which brings the advantages of the objects distributed programming for applications that before were limited to the UDP sockets and other lower-level interfaces.

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