A Mobile Infostation Systemfor Wireless Data Communications

Dave A. T. CavalcantiDjamel SadokJudith Kelner

This paper presents a new wireless system for data communications based on the "many time many where" paradigm and on the waterfilling concept, i.e., to transmit only when source and destination are closetogether. We associate the ideas of infostations with limited coverage at high data rates to the concept of mobility in ad hoc networks, for proposing a system with fixed and mobile infostations, well suited for messaging services. We added the concept of mobility into the infostation architecture for: 1) To increasing the capacity of the system; 2) To reduce delay in the access process, and; 3) To make information accessible simultaneously from as many points, as possible. We also evaluate some of the improvements in capacity, coverage for the benefit of the amount of information to be transmitted.

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