Adaptação de Conteúdo de Mensagens HTTP Baseada em Perfis de Dispositivo, Conteúdo, Usuário e Serviço de Rede

Wanderley Lopes de SouzaGregor von BochmannKhalil El-KhatibXiaoqing He

The applications involving multimedia usually require a certain level of quality of service and, if these qualities can not be guaranteed over the Internet, these applications should be able to adapt to the available transmission qualities. Currently, the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) defines rules for exchanging the information to be adapted between the ICAP client and server, but it does not defined any adaptation police. This is where this paper comes in and proposes an architecture and some protocol principles for controlling the adaptation functions provided by the ICAP server. This architecture includes in particular the device, content, user and network profiles which determine the quality of service limitations and preferences of the users.

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