Event-Driven Programming for Distributed Multimedia Applications

Alésio PfeiferCristina UrurahyNoemi RodriguezRoberto Ierusalimschy

Current interest in wide-area distributed computing has highlighted the need for an adequate programming model for this environment. Because of its asynchronous nature, event-driven programming provides a suitable model for dealing with the failures and delays that are frequent in this context. In this work we propose an architecture for distributed multimedia applications based on an event-driven programming model. To avoid the synchronization problems that are inher- ent to multi-threaded programming, the proposed architecture is based on a single-threaded structure. Instead of multithreading, we opted for the event-oriented approach allied to multiple communication channels with user-defined handling procedures to allow the application to deal concurrently with control and data streams. We discuss this programming model, present the system we have implemented based on this model, and describe the experience we have had with this system.

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