Tutorial #3: Holistic Optimization of Distribution Automation Smart-Grid Designs using Survivability Modeling

Qualidade de Serviço em Redes 802.11

Alberto AvritzerDaniel Mensache

Marcelo G. RubinsteinJosé Ferreira de Rezende

Smart grids are fostering a paradigm shift in the realm of power distribution systems. Whereas traditionally different components of the power distribution system have been provided and analyzed by different teams, smart grids require a unified and holistic approach taking into consideration the interplay of distributed generation, distribution automation topology, intelligent features, and others. In this tutorial, we describe the use of transient survivability metrics to create betterdistribution automation network designs. Our approach combines survivability analysis and power flow analysis to assess the survivability of the distribution power grid network. We conclude the tutorial by presenting practical optimization results based on real distribution grids. This paper presents the major quality of service problems in IEEE 802.11 local area networks. The problems of unfairness in the sharing of bandwidth and instability in TCP connections are described in detail. Moreover, differentiation techniques for providing medium access priorities are presented. We evaluate the performance of unfairness, instability, and differentiation techniques by simulation experiments.

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