Pr-PRMA: a PRMA-based Protocol for Third Generation Communication Systems

Luís Humberto R. BarbosaGeraldo Robson Mateus

Traditional MAC protocols for mobile communication systems were originally designed to deal only with voice and rudimentary data services. With the advent of third generation communication systems, new services are being designed and offered to the communication system community. These new services, like e.g. Web browsing and real time VOD, impose different packet traffic patterns on the existent MAC protocols when compared with traditional personal communication services. This work analyzes the behavior of one of the most well-known MAC protocols, the PRMA protocol, when submitted to a packet traffic pattern generated by Web browsing services. A series of analyses is presented, where the impact of the presence of Web packets (packets generated by Web browsing services) is discussed. In addition, the Pr-PRMA protocol, a new variant for the PRMA protocol, is presented and analyzed. This new protocol contains a set of improvements on the original protocol, aiming to increase its performance when dealing with Web packet traffic. Finally, a description of the MacSim environment, a simulation environment created to support the MAC and LAC protocol analysis process, is also provided.

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