Modelo Analítico para Avaliar Plataformas Cliente/Servidor e Agentes Móveis Aplicado à Gerência de Redes

Juliana Amaral ArantesCarlos Becker WestphallRicardo Felipe Custódio

The constant growth of computer networks and the variety of topologies being interconnected are making the efficient management of these networks a hard task. Centralized management, currently the most used model, is becoming inflexible and inefficient in view of this growth. On the other hand, code mobility is being considered as a possible solution to this problem. In this context, the present work proposes an analytical model to evaluate the performance of Mobile Agents (MA) compared with the traditional and centralized management model (SNMP) in a generic network topology. The proposed mathematical model is applied in some network topologies and configurations in order to identify under which situations each management technique, MA and SNMP, is more efficient.

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