Um Modelo para Controle de Erros usando ARQ e FEC em Redes ATM semFio

Rejane C. FreitasJosé A. Suruagy Monteiro

The fast deployment of mobile phones together with the utilization of multimedia applications rise the need to grant the same level of Quality of Service found in cabled networks to mobile terminals. In wireless ATM studies solutions have been proposed with the objective of obtaining a better transmission. And such in a environment where channel quality varies according to signal fading, like radiochannels. This paper presents a model for error control using ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request) with selective repeat and FEC (Forward Error Correction) aiming at improving transmission performance in wireless ATM links. Cell loss rate behavior is evaluated for the performance model varying some important parameters such as the maximum retransmission number and FEC's codification rate. In this study, short and long range dependent traffic were considered.

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