Um Protocolo de Validação Atômica Não-Bloqueante Eficiente

Fabíola GreveJean-Pierre Le Narzul

We present an original non-blocking Consensus-based Atomic Commitment algorithm that performs better than other existing equivalent protocols. In presence of a low resiliency rate (number f of process crashes tolerated), it broadcasts almost the same number of messages as the classical 2PC (Two-Phase Commit) protocol. In the general case, (f < n=2), it exhibits a complexity of n2 + f(n) while all the other solutions presents a complexity of 2n2 + f(n) point to point messages. This protocol is the result of the application of a new development methodology to solve agreement problems that takes into account information about the semantics of the particular problem. It is based on the use of recent consensus protocols [1] that allows decisions in one-step communication in good circumstances.

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