Uma Arquitetura para Disponibilização e Gerência de Serviços na Internet

Rossano P. PintoLuis F. FainaAntonio T. MaffeisEliane G. GuimarãesCarlos A. MiglinskEleri Cardozo

The impact of telecommunication over the technological and economic evolution of the societies is steadly increasing. In addition, the deregulamentation of the telecommunication sector brought competition among operators, forcing them to introduce new communication services in a permanent way. In the specification and development of these new services, technologies of multimedia communication, object-orientation, reuse of components, distributed systems, and service architectures have being employed. Among the service architectures, TINA (Telecommunications Information Network Architecture) is receiving special attention due to its openness and technological independence. This paper proposes an architecture that contemplates the positive aspects of TINA, added to open standards such as WWW, Java and CORBA. This architecture supports the deployment, access, use, and management of services available through the Web. The paper presents an implementation of the TINA Service Architecture; an example of a service in the field of virtual laboratories employing this architecture; and an extension (based on mobile agents) of the TINA Architecture aiming the support of ubiquity in telecommunication services.

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