Framework de Serviços em Ambiente Heterogêneo de Telefonia IP

Cesar A. C. MarcondesPaulo H. de Aguiar Rodrigues

Presently, a couple of IP telephony service frameworks are being developed, providing abstract service creation transparent to undergoing network layers. Two of these frameworks are Parlay/Jain and DFC. Instead of integrating software components to achieve service creation as suggested by these two framework proposals, we extend the H.323 gatekeeper to support the script processing of a call oriented programming language, called CPL, quite simple and generic. CPL was devised as a means to allow service interoperation among heterogeneous IP telephony architectures. To support this new framework of programmable services, we developed a graphic interface CPL editor, and implemented an H.323 gatekeeper with CPL extensions. In this way, we are able to support H.323 telephony services without using supplementary services. Supplementary services require a more complex signaling and make VOIP gateway implementation very difficult.

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