Caracterização de Carga de Redes Peer-to-Peer

Juliano SantosLeonardo RochaDiêgo NogueiraPaulo AraújoVirgílio AlmeidaWagner Meira Jr.

Peer-to-Peer networks came up recently with the goal of making possible the sharing of computacional resources via Internet. So far, there is no definitive characterization of the behavior for these networks. Because of some of their characteristics, the adoption of specialized strategies for their characterization becomes necessary. We present in this article a workload characterization methodology for Peer-to-Peer networks that address these characteristics. To validate the methodology, we performed a case study with Gnutella network, getting important results out of it. We identify, among others, the statistical distributions that characterize the shared files, the availability of the servents and the frequency of the words in the search patterns at gNet.

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