Um Algoritmo de Substituição de Objetos em Cache na Internet baseado em Semântica

Alcides CalsavaraRogério Guaraci dos Santos

This article presents the Web cache replacement algorithm named Least Semantically Related (LSR). Differently from well-known replacement algorithms, which are based on physical properties of objects, LSR is based on the semantics of the information contained in objects: LSR tends to favor objects to stay in cache when they are close with respect to their semantics, by removing from cache objects that tend to be of less interest to clients. A detailed algorithm and a data structure for LSR are completely designed and implemented for the purpose of validation and comparison with other replacement algorithms, namely SIZE, LFU and LRU, also implemented. Besides, a framework for the experimental work is designed and verified, including the data preparation process. The initial experimental results show that the proposed strategy offers, in most cases, efficiency rate - the hit rate - better than other strategies. The main contribution of this paper are the proposal of a new strategy to replace objects in cache, its implementation and validation, and a framework and corresponding tools to obtain experimental data.

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