Uma Plataforma para Engenharia de Tráfego com Qualidade de Serviço em Redes MPLS

Eduardo N. F. ZagariTomás A. C. BadanRodrigo C. M. PradoEleri CardozoMaurício Magalhães

Traffic engineering (TE) is becoming an important tool in the operation of large IP backbones. TE allows to direct network traffic into paths different from those com- puted by the IP routing in such a way that a better traffic balance inside the network is achieved, congestion is avoided, and network resources are optimized. Traffic engineering consists in the implantation of operation policies, aiming quality of service, such as constraint-based routing and resource reservation for certain classes of traffic. MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is an IP forwarding technology suitable for traffic engineering. In MPLS, IP packets are tagged and, based on this tag, are routed and forwarded in an appropriate way. This paper presents an implementation of MPLS for microcomputer-based networks emphasizing its traffic engineering and network management capabilities.

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