A Viabilidade do Gerenciamento de Desempenho Próativo baseado em uma Arquitetura de Gerenciamento que usa Tecnologia Ativa

Edmundo Lopes CecilioAna Paula Magalhães DumontFlávia Coimbra DelicatoLuiz Fernando Rust da Costa CarmoLuci Pirmez

Only a precise, efficient and rapid management mechanism will be able to guarantee the specific quality of service levels overseeing a network's resources and applications as well as its communications services. This mechanism must have the capacity to be easily updated and yet be flexible enough to promptly assimilate the introduction of new functionalities. Performance Management is of vital importance as it is responsible for both monitoring network status as regards services being offered and indicating when and why desired QoS levels have not been achieved. Recent research has shown that Active Technology - active networks and mobile agents - offers the flexibility and distribution assets required for management systems of the future. This paper proposes a new architecture of Performance Management that, in addition to utilizing active technology, is also pro-active. This proposal is based on an Active, Distributed Management Architecture (AGDA) designed by the authors and developed at the Núcleo de Computação Eletrônica (NCE) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). The goal of the prototype was to investigate the viability of implementing a pro-active performance system running on a Java-based mobile agent paradigm miCode.

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