ANEMONA: uma Linguagem de Configuração para Aplicações Práticas de Gerência Distribuída

Henrique Denes H. FernandesElias Procópio Duarte Jr.Martin A. Musicante

This work presents the ANEMONA language for distributed network management applications programming. The language allows the definition of expressions of managed objects that are monitored, as well as triggers that when are fired may indicate the occurrence of associated events, which are also defined by the language. A translator for the language was developed. It generates code for configuring both the Expression MIB and Event MIB, which are IETF standards for distributed management. Practical results are presented. In the first case study, an ANEMONA application detects a TCP Syn Flooding attack. Another application is described hich allows network link monitoring, generating alarms that indicate the occurrence of a steep increase on the link utilization rate.

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