A Model for CORBA Communications in Ad Hoc Networks

Luiz Lima Jr.Alcides Calsavara

The increasing popularity of wireless-enabled PDAs, laptops and smart mobile phones, in addition to a continuos explosion in the number of mobile services and networks, has made it indispensable the construction of frameworks to aid the development of distributed applications in ad hoc environments. Since CORBA is a mature and largely used architecture for distributed heterogeneous systems and because of OMG's recent move towards interoperation in wireless mobile environments, it seems appropriate to extend CORBA's interoperability model so that it can be used in ad hoc networks as well. This paper focuses on this issue raising architectural requirements for adapting CORBA's interoperability model to transparently deal with communication in ad hoc wireless networks. An architecture, based on federations of specialized name servers is proposed and a strategy for routing GIOP messages in such an architecture is defined. Finally, some implementation issues and performance considerations are discussed.

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