Gerência de Falhas baseada em Políticas para Redes Ópticas

Cláudio CarvalhoEdmundo MadeiraFábio VerdiMauricio Magalhães

This paper presents a policy-based architecture for admission of IP/MPLS flows within an optical network taking into account the possibility of having to cope with further transport faults. The defined policies try to reduce the negative impact generated by an optical transport network. In our model,IP/MPLS flows are divided into High Priority (HP) and Low Priority (LP) traffic and the lightpaths are capable to work with the 1+1, 1:1 and 1:N schemes of protection. The type of the flow and the required protection are important criteria for traffic admission. Our approach was validated by an implementation and the results showed that the defined policies decrease the number of blocked LSPs after the ocurrrence of a failure.

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