Rotas Alternativas para Detecção e Aumento da Resiliência à Intrusão Distribuída em RSSF

Sergio de OliveiraJosé Marcos NogueiraHao Chi WongWellington Paula

Wireless Sensor Networks are targets of several attack types,especially DoS attacks. This work proposes a routing strategy that considers alternative routes to increase intrude resilience and enable, in an efficient way, the intrusion detection. The routing algorithm TinyOS beaconing was changed to each node use two route to send its information to base station. In case an intruder is present in one of these paths, the other can continue working, guaranteeing the delivery of partial information. The changed algorithm is presented as well evaluation of its performance, in terms of power and efficiency. The results were verified through simulation. The detection allows good results even with a high number of intruders.

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