Um Ambiente Anti-Clonagem para Telefonia Móvel

Alessandro BrawermanJohn A. Copeland

The mobile telephony is one of the services that evolves the fastest in the world. In Brazil, for instance, the number of mobile devices is already bigger than the number of traditional telephones. Despite several advantages presented by the mobile telephony, there are still a lot to discuss regarding security. One of the more dangerous threats is cloning. Besides illegal billing, cloned units increase the competition of shared resources, the network congestion and degrade network services. In this paper an anti-cloning framework for mobile telephony is proposed. Different from previuos work, in this framework the mobile device together with the Wireless Operator is responsible for detecting if it has been cloned or not. Another key point is that the framework is independent of the wireless communication technology, working well for different cellular technologies, communication over satellite networks and the Internet. New pieces of hardware and new protocols are specified to avoid network services being used by cloned units. Proofs that analyze correctness of the protocols are also presented. Finally, practical experiments that attest the feasibility of the framework are described.

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