Detecção de Intrusos Decentralizada em Redes de Sensores Sem Fio

Ana Paula R. da SilvaMarcelo H. T. MartinsBruno P. S. RochaAntonio A. F. LoureiroLinnyer B. RuizHao C. Wong

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have applications that may attract adversaries' attention, such as natural resources mapping and enemy monitoring in a battlefield. In these cases, an intrusion detection system (IDS) becomes necessary. Besides preventing damages caused by intruders, an IDS can acquire information related to attack techniques which may assist in their prevention. In this work, we present a decentralized IDS that fits WSNsdemands and restrictions. Our proposal is based on inference about network behavior obtained from perceived events on the WSN. Simulation results show its accuracy and precision in detecting different types of attack and how energy consumption is affected by its introduction into the network.

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