Disseminação de Conteúdo Poluído em redes P2P

Cristiano CostaVanessa SoaresFabrício BenevenutoMarisa VasconcelosJussara AlmeidaVirgilio AlmeidaMiranda Mowbray

Recently, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing systems are experimenting a new form of malicious behaviour: content pollution. The dissemination of polluted content reduces content availability and consequently the confidence of user in such systems. This work points two strategies used to pollute P2P systems and investigates the dissemination of pollution by the use of these strategies in moderate networks (e.g. KaZaA) and non-moderate networks (e.g. BitTorrent). The results show that only a high level of incentive to users delete their polluted files or the presence of a system moderator is able to stop the propagation of pollution in P2P systems.

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