Heurística Lagrangeana para o Problema de Traffic Grooming em Redes Óticas WDM

Zenilton Kleber G. Patrocínio JrGeraldo Robson Mateus

In a wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical network, each avelength can carry several lower-rate traffic streams. The problem of combining low speed traffic streams into high speed ones in order to fully explore available capacity has been called Traffic Grooming Problem (TGP). In this paper, TGP in WDM optical networks regardless of underlying physical topology is investigated. The problem is formulated as an integer linear program and two versions of a Lagrangian-based heuristic are presented. This heuristic divides the original problem into simple subproblems which are solved independently. Computational experiments show that our Lagrangian-based heuristic can obtained better results than other heuristics presented in the literature.

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