ILP Formulation and K-Shortest Path Heuristic for the RWA Problem with Allocation of Wavelength Converters

Karcius D.R. AssisA. C. B. SoaresWilliam F. GiozzaHelio Waldman

Different integer linear programming (ILP) formulations have been proposed for the routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) problem in WDM networks. An important goal in the design of WDM networks is to use the minimum number of converters to serve communication needs, because this is cost effective. In this paper, we study the problem of allocating the minimum number of converters in a network for solving the RWA problem. Furthermore, our formulation allows any kind (partial or full, sparse or ubiquitous) of wavelength conversion in the network. We also propose an experimental comparison of the heuristic from [Swaminathan and Sivarajan 2002] with a K-shortest path heuristic with limited number of converters, for a large network.

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