HyperBone: Uma Rede Overlay Baseada em Hipercubo Virtual sobre a Internet

Luis C. E. BonaSamuel L. V. MelloKeiko V. O. FonsecaElias P. Duarte Jr.

This paper presents HyperBone, an overlay network based on a virtual hypercube that offers services such as monitoring and routing, allowing the execution of distributed applications across the Internet. Hypercubes are scalable by definition, presenting several properties such as symmetry and logarithmic diameter, that are advantageous for distributed and parallel applications. HyperBone nodes run the Distributed Virtual Hypercube Algorithm (DiVHA) in order to maintain the topology. DiVHA keeps the hypercube properties even when the number of nodes is not a power of two, or under a dynamic fault situation, in which nodes fail and recover continuously, leaving and joining the system. HyperBone was implemented and experimental results are presented, obtained from the execution of a set of MPI parallel applications run on a virtual hypercube spread across the world built with PlanetLab nodes.

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