Gerenciamento de Filiação em Middleware Tolerante a Faltas

Eduardo Adílio Pelinson AlchieriAlysson Neves BessaniJoni da Silva FragaLau Cheuk Lung

FT-CORBA is one of the most important standards for fault-tolerant middleware. It defines a set of services to manage the membership of object group replicas in the CORBA architecture. Even after almost one decade of research on how to implement this standard, still, there is no system that supports FT-CORBA without relying on single point of failure. This paper presents an architecture to implement the FT-CORBA standard that does not require any centralized service (single point of failure) and supports application and infra-structure objects replication. An implementation of this architecture in the GROUPPAC system is also presented. To validate our design, several experiments were carried. These experiments showed the costs of these mechanisms in various fault-loads.

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