RecDin: Uma Infra-estrutura para Reconfiguração Dinâmica de Replicação no FT-CORBA

Lau Cheuk LungFábio FavarimGiuliana Teixeira Santos

The fault-tolerance provided by the FT-CORBA is basically static, that is, once defined the fault-tolerance properties of a replicated group, these cannot be modified in runtime. A support for dynamic reconfiguration of replication would be highly advantageous in the FT-CORBA architecture to fulfill these requirements. This support makes possible the implementation of mechanisms for adaptive fault-tolerance enabling the FT-CORBA to adapt to the changes that can occur in the execution environment. In this paper, we propose a set of extensions,in the form of interfaces and service object implementations in the FT-CORBA architecture enabling it to support dynamic reconfiguration of replication

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