Otimizando o Consumo de Energia de Dipositivos Móveis em Sistemas de VoD Baseados em Pontos de Acesso Co-localizados

Leonardo Bidese de PinhoClaudio Luis de Amorim

In this paper we present a study of power consumption reduction on mobile devices when connected to scalable VoD systems based on collocated access points. In particular, we propose and evaluate the combined usage of wo energy consumption reduction techniques using the low power sleep mode of 802.11x WNICs, applied in the CINAPS (Cluster of Inexpensive Access Points) system. The first, delayed reassociation, exploits the service latency imposed by he association control heuristics during busy periods, and the second, bursty ransmission, extends the WNICs contiguous idle periods between reception of packets. Overall, our results showed that the combination of these techniques achieved average reduction on power consumption of up to 84% in the WNICs.

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