Um Protocolo de Roteamento para Redes Ad Hoc com QoS Baseado no Controle da Potência de Transmissão

Daniel F. MacedoPedro F. MacedoLuiz H. A. CorreiaAldri L. dos SantosAntonio A. F. LoureiroJosé Marcos S. Nogueira

Transmission power control techniques reduce energy consumption and increase the number of concurrent transmissions in wireless networks. In order to accomplish such benefits, routing protocols must be aware of the transmission power on each link, since this affects the energy spent and the overall latency on each route. Those metrics are orthogonal, as energy-efficiency is achieved at the cost of higher latency times. This work presents a novel geographic routing protocol, called GPSR-TPC, that defi nes quality of service (QoS) classes based on the transmission power, trading-off latency and energy consumption. Results show that GPSR-TPC consumes up to 15% less energy than existing energy-aware protocols, while providing an increase in the average throughput of up to 55%.

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