piPEs-BR: Uma arquitetura para a medição de desempenho em redes IP

Leobino SampaioIvo K. KogaHerbert MonteiroIvan K. KogaGuilherme E. RhodenFausto VetterGerson LeiriaJosé A. S. MonteiroEdison Melo

It is constantly increasing the demand for performance measurement infrastructures where measured data can be used for a wide range of tools and, additionally, being able to cover different network administrative domains. Nowadays, there is a strong trend in the adoption of Web Services for deploying flexible and adaptable network environments. However, many questions remain open when trying to deploy monitoring environments. These questions are primarily related to test, storage, scheduling, authorization, interface, and detection/advising. This paper presents an End-to-End performance measurement architecture, named piPEs-BR, which deals with these questions and which was implemented and tested at RNP�s backbone.

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