ACORoute: Sistema de Recomendação de Rotas Evitando Congestionamento Baseado em Comunicação por Feromônios

Uma Abordagem Baseada em Programação Declarativa para Configuração de Firewalls em Ambientes Heterogêneos

Carla S. G. PiresWilliam SouzaThainan RemboskiMarilton S. de AguiarPaulo R. Ferreira Jr.

Cassio Diztel KropiwiecGuy PujolleEdgard JamhourMauro Sérgio Pereira FonsecaFabrício Enembreck

Urban mobility is a problem that affects the majority of cities nowadays. In this context, this paper proposes the use of pheromone-based communication for building a system that suggests less jammed routes to the drivers. The proposed approach takes into account the mobility of vehicles and traffic dynamics. Several experiments in a simulation environment where conducted, showing that our approach was able to significantly reduce the travel time. A mobile application, which uses the proposed approach, is being implemented and is also briefly discussed. This paper presents a framework for high-level security policy representation for firewall configuration, independent of topology, devices and firewall capabilities, based on declarative programming. The developed algorithm indicates the rules that must be applied to each firewall, modifying the rules according to the firewall capabilities if necessary. The algorithm includes a process that evaluates the generated rules to certify that they don't violate the security. A case study is presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the framework.

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