Um Algoritmo de Estabelecimento de LSPs para Comunicação Multicast em Redes WDM Baseadas no GMPLS

Rafael Pereira EstevesAntônio Jorge Gomes AbelémEwerton da Costa VazMichael A. Stanton

The adaptation of label switching to multicast communication in optical networks opens several opportunities for research, since most of the previous studies and definitions only considered the point-to-point communication (unicast) approach. In the specific case of the triggering problem for LSPs (Label Switched Paths), there is still no consensus about the best strategy for multicast communication. This paper proposes an algorithm for traffic-driven triggering of LSPs, based on MFCs (Multicast Forwarding Caches), and has the advantage of being a schema which is compatible with several multicast routing protocols. To illustrate the proposed algorithm we carry out simulation studies using the NS-2 (Network Simulator) simulation platform.

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