Distribuição de Dados Massivos via Multicast Confiável na RNP: metodologia de avaliação, ferramentas e resultados

Giovani FacchiniEvandro Dall'AgnolGustavo Bervian BrandRenato CostaMarinho BarcellosValter Roesler

It is a challenge to transmit large data volumes from one point to multiple destinations through a country of continental dimensions like Brazil. We investigate the problem of distributing in advance, through the RNP (Rede Nacional de Pesquisa), the entire program set created for the University TVs. As these files occupy dozens of Gigabytes, the feasibility of the transmission depends on both the traffic added to the network and the time required to complete the transfer reliably. This paper exploits the feasibility of using reliable multicast to transfer offline multimedia content through the RNP. A Web-based tool was designed, implemented and made available for general use. A test methodology was established and employed, by means of an evaluation tool, to obtain performance and cost measurements. The results indicate reliable multicast as an adequate solution for the proposed objectives.

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