Estratégias Híbridas para Transmissão de Mídia Contínua Interativa com Compartilhamento de Fluxo

Marcus RochaMarcelo MaiaItalo CunhaJussara AlmeidaSergio Campos

The impact of interactivity in media workloads has been previously studied. Buffer space, local to client media player, allows to avoid data retrans mission and to reduce required server bandwidth. This work proposes a new set of strategies which use the period of time when the client is inactive, and thus is not consuming server bandwidth, to listen to and to store streams being delivered to other clients. This work also explores hybrid strategies, combining the new proposed optimizations with existing ones, in order to further reduce server bandwidth requirements over a wider range of request rates than any single optimization. Our optimizations reduce average server bandwidth in up to 66% over the original Bandwidth Skimming protocol.

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