Estimando a média e variância do atraso em um sentido utilizando o IPID da máquina remota

Antonio A. De A. RochaRosa M. M. LeãoEdmundo de Souza e Silva

Active measurements are an extremely useful tool to infer important characteristics of the Internet. Among the most important variables of interest is the one way packet delay. If the analyst has access to machines located at the vertices of the studied path and these machines have their clocks perfectly synchronized (for instance with GPS equipment), then calculating the one way delay statistics is trivial. However, the estimation process requires sophistica ted algorithms if the machines involved in the measured process have no GPS hardware. The issue is even more complex if the analyst has no access to the machine located at the end of the path. In this work we propose a novel technique to handle both of these problems in order to estimate the average and the variance of the one-way delay variable. The technique takes advantage of the IPID field in the header of the IP packet.

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