Avaliação de Desempenho da Técnica de Varredura em Roteamento Ad Hoc com Antenas Direcionais

Glauco F. AmorimJosé F. de Rezende

The use of directional antennas in mobile ad hoc networks requires an adaptation in the link layer as much as in the network layer. In the most part of scenarios, if this adaptation is ignored by the routing algorithms, the advantages offered by the use of directional antennas are missed. In this context,one of the main improvements is the use of a technique, called sweeping, that it allows to accomplish a omnidirectional broadcast transmission sending packets for each one of the communication beams. This paper evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of this technique analyzing metrics as: latency in the route discovery and number of hops of the routes found by the AODV routing protocol.

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