Uma Plataforma para Monitoração de Malhas BGP

Luis BalbinotLiane Tarouco

The continuing rapid growth of the Internet brings us routing complexity as well as global connectivity. The volume of routing information, including inappropriate information, is getting larger. Many network administrators check the routing information in their border routers manually using the command line interface as their daily job. To reduce the burden of network administrators, a tool is desired which monitors BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routing information, so that it can provide network managers with more high level and summarized information and, potentially, identify and alert routing anomalies automatically. This paper describes the design of a monitoring platform for BGP meshes. The platform is able to establish peering sessions with BGP neighbors on the Internet routing mesh, so that it is able to collect and store all BGP messages exchanged in a database for off-line analysis and, at the same time, keep a local BGP routing table for on-line analysis. A set of measurements are presented to illustrate some real-life applications of the platform.

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