Um Mecanismo de Roteamento para o Consumo Balanceado de Energia em Redes Móveis Ad Hoc

Daniel de O. CunhaLuís Henrique M. K. CostaOtto Carlos M. B. Duarte

Most of the mobile ad hoc networks applications rely on battery-powered nodes. Thus, energy constraints are very important in this kind of network. This paper presents an energy-aware routing mechanism to balance the energy consumption among the nodes of the network. The mechanism was evaluated over the AODV protocol using a realistic energy consumption model. The energy model takes in account the way the packet is transmitted and the role played by the node on its transmission. The results show that the packet length impacts the energy efficiency of the network and that with the proposed mechanism increases the network lifetime from 13% to 19% compared to the standard AODV protocol.

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