ReMIOP: Projeto e Implementação de um Mecanismo de Difusão Confiável no CORBA

Alysson Neves BessaniLau Cheuk LungJoni da Silva Fraga

OMG published a specification of a unreliable multicast mechanism for distributed applications developed in CORBA (UMIOP). However, many fault-tolerant or groupware applications demand for more restrictive warran- ties of agreement and ordering (for instance, reliable multicast with FIFO, causal or total ordering) of the available supports for group communication. OMG still does not have available a set of specifications to support those requirements. This paper presents an important contribution in that direction. We proposed the ReMIOP, an extension to the UMIOP protocol, for the conception of a reliable multicast mechanism in CORBA middleware. Performance measures comparing ReMIOP, UMIOP and UDP sockets for IP multicast communication is presented in order to evidence the costs for adding reliable and unreliable multicast in the middleware level.

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