O Algoritmo SQM-Response para Controle de Congestionamento do Protocolo TCP

Rogério AndradeCarlos KamienskiDênio SousaDjamel Sadok

TCP congestion control remains an important research topic that is vital for Internet performance and its evolving advanced applications. A TCP transmission is held back as soon as congestion is detected. Existing implementations trigger congestion control mechanisms as a response to packet loss. In this work, we show that this implicit action greatly limits TCP's performance as it lacks useful information on the causes and whereabouts leading to packet loss. A new algorithm, known as SQM-Response, based on the use of the ICMP SQM (Source Quench Message) in order to explicitly notify TCP entities about network congestion is presented. The proposed algorithm is evaluated and we show through simulation that it outperforms up to 30 % existing TCP congestion control mechanisms.

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