MPM: Middleware para Gerência de Energia em Clusters Web

Dorgival GuedesWagner Meira Jr.Diêgo NogueiraRodrigo Pereira

Considering the fast growth of the World Wide Web, servers for popular sites are designed to handle peak workload levels that may exceed by orders of magnitude average levels during moments of lighter load. This excess processing capacity leads to an extra energy comsumption. The development of applications capable of handling energy consumption levels require efficient solutions to isolate application demands, in terms of latency and throughput, from hardware details. This paper presents a middleware solution designed to achieve that. It uses control theory techniques to associate demands for satisfactory performance with energy saving goals. To verify the efficacy of the proposed solution we applied it to a three-server Web cluster under typical workloads. The use of the middleware produced energy savings of 27% without significant impacts on the average latency and service rates.

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