An Integrated System for QoS Monitoring of Policy-Based Networks

Marcelo Borges RibeiroLisandro Zambenedetti GranvilleMaria Janilce Bosquiroli AlmeidaLiane Margarida Rockenbach Tarouco

Policy-based management and QoS monitoring are both tasks related to the management of modern QoS-enabled network. Although related to each other, these tasks are currently executed in a non integrated fashion. This paper presents an architecture that integrates policy-based management and QoS monitoring through the extension of the original IETF policy-based management architecture. The main advantage of using our proposed approach is that network administrators are freed to execute other tasks, while the QoS-enabled network is still monitored. Another advantage is that we are monitoring policies and verifying if they are respected in the network even after its deployment, which is a new feature absent in the IETF solution.

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