An Architecture for Integrated Policy-Based Management of QoS and Multicast-Enabled Networks

Leandro VaguettiRicardo NeisseLisandro Zambenedetti GranvilleMaria Janilce Bosquiroli AlmeidaLiane Margarida Rockenbach Tarouco

QoS and multicast are facilities that several modern applications require from networks. However, the management of such facilities is complex and not integrated, when based on traditional management architectures. In this paper we present a policy-based management architecture and system for the integrated management of QoS and multicast-enabled networks. The definition of policies for this architecture is also presented showing how a network administrator can use such policies in order to manage the QoS and multicast facilities. The proposed architecture is based on the IETF approach. However, we discuss how such approach had to be adapted in order to support not only QoS management, but also multicast management, in an integrated fashion. Finally, we also present the implementation of our proposal providing some management example scenarios.

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