Uma Arquitetura de Gerenciamento de Desempenho Pró-Ativo Distribuído usando Tecnologia Ativa

E.L. CecílioA.P.M. DumontR.B. CorreiaL.F.R.C. CarmoL. Pirmez

Performance management is currently done, typically, in a reactive fashion. This means that a QoS failure is notified only after its occurrence. This paper proposes a pro-active architecture for performance management. Variations of QoS parameters are monitored in real time and Tendency Alarms are generated when, possibly, failures are prone to occur. Then, pre-emptive actions are automatically executed in attempt to avoid the probable failures or to minimize their effects, if they happen to occur. A distributed management infra-structure based on active technology and Java is used in a real application scenario. Tests results are presented, thus permiting the evaluation of the efficacy and performance of monitoring and reaction time of the pertinent systems.

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