Implementação de Políticas de Gerenciamento através de Lógica Fuzzy visando Melhoria da Qualidade de Serviço (QoS)

Marcial Porto FernandezAloysio de Castro P. PedrozaJosé Ferreira de Rezende

The policy based management is a technique to coordinate the configuration of several equipments in a network, from Service Level Agreements(SLAs). These abstract policies are difficult to be interpreted and implemented by network equipments, that requires absolute values, and fuzzy logic has been showing to be efficient to represent abstract values. A fuzzy controller implement a dynamic provisioning mechanism used to reconfigure all nodes according ingress traffic. This work proposes a methodology to map policies in fuzzy parameters to achieve the desired QoS in a DiffServ domain. The functionalities are demonstrated by simulation of a IP Telephony application crossing a DiffServ domain.

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