Análise do Mecanismo de Pares de Pacotes visando estimar a Banda da Rede via UDP

Valter RoeslerPeter FinzschMaiko de AndradeJosé Valdeni de Lima

This paper intends to analyze in depth the packet-pair and packet-train method to estimate the network bottleneck. The results can be useful to any algorithm that needs network bandwidth inference, but is intended in particular to a new layered congestion control algorithm [Roesler 2003]. This work uses low rate UDP packets, and the receiver estimates the bandwidth without sending ACKs to transmitter, which is helpful in multicast communications. Many simulations were performed. Besides that, the system was implemented and a lot of tests were executed in a laboratory test bed and also in the Internet, with measurements via ADSL, intranet and the Internet2.

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