Análise quantitativa e temporal do Wikigrafo-PT

Marcelo ZambiasiThiago A. Presa: Luciana Salete BuriolViviane Moreira Orengo

The Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia available in about 200 languages. Its Portuguese version currently contains over 200 thousand articles. If we consider each Wikipedia article as a vertex and each link as an arc, we have what we call a "Wikigraph". This graph differs from other Web mainly graphs because it has temporal information associated to its nodes. The aim of this paper is to do a quantitative analysis of the Portuguese Wikigraph's (Wikigraph-PT) temporal data. The analysis of this graph revealed that it presents features that are commonly found on other Webgraphs, which confirms results of prior studies on the English Wikigraph (Wikigraph-EN).

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