A Design for JTrader, an Internet Trading Federation

Marcelo d'AmorimCarlos Ferraz

By using templates for service searching, Service Discovery Protocols (SDP) enable automatic discovery of network components, meaning less administration for the user and service owner achieved by a plug-and-play semantics. Moreover, the reliability of the trading system, including the service offers it contains, is well handled because of availability is a common concern. Despite the fact that these protocols were first concerned with connecting devices in a local scale network, they also play an important role on information service trading which is very relevant considering the Internet's large scale. This work illustrates SDP scenarios and motivation, briefly introduces current technology and finally presents the design of JTrader, an Internet Trading Federation based on Jini Technology. This system main purpose is to address root problems around service trading on the Internet, like security and availability, providing a federation whereby services could be globally localized and used.

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